Reviews & Feedback


“A clever, lighthearted and visually stimulating
show… Technology is so often blamed for our
woes in modern life, but here it helps to bridge
the gap between performers and spectators”
The Circus Diaries (click here for full review)

“Natalie and Mark have managed to truly blend circus
and theatre, and to create a complete, rounded show…
some circus theatre tends to be lacking in narrative
or personality, Natalie Inside Out is a performance
in its own right that truly blends exquisite skills with
interesting aesthetics and storytelling. A joy to behold”
Upper Circle (click here for full review)

“Natalie Inside Out makes full use of Reckert
as an acrobat, but the show is more wideranging
than that, picking through the bones of
performance, experience, physicality, memory
and imagination in a relaxed and thoughtful
way, making used of comedy, theatre, lecture,
poetry and memory as well as circus”.
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Industry Feedback:

“Natalie Inside Out is a wonderful fusion of exceptional circus skills and amazing
digital projection – enabling you to really appreciate and understand what Natalie
does – and why she does it”.

Steve Cowton, Head of Theatre Operations, The Lowry

“Since hosting the production as part of Labtime2, Jacksons Lane has supported
Mark and Natalie through residencies, performance opportunities and mentoring,
including being a highlight of Circusfest 2018. The reason why I personally was so
keen to be part of Natalie Inside Out was due to its innovation, its breaking down
of conventional audience/performer barriers and the sheer ingenuity of combining
digital, visual and circus skills at such a very high level from two of our finest UK based artists”
Adrian Berry, Artistic Director, Jacksons Lane

“I’ve never seen anything quite like Natalie Inside Out – a piece of truly contemporary circus, very of the moment, part ted talk, part reminiscence, part demonstration and a move towards a new form of ‘circus in film’. In places it was hilarious (the mansplaining of technique and sexist feedback that Natalie endures) but it also really informative – I came away with answers to questions I didn’t know I had about the realities of being a handbalancer.”
Eira Gibson, Director of Participation and Outreach at National Centre for
Circus Arts